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Features You'll Swoon Over

Since we were kids we were told it isn't nice to brag, but it's sorta hard not to when you see an ecosystem this cool. Sneak a peak a our Features Highlights Reel below and you'll see why there's a serious case of swooning happening in and around KnoMe-Land. ;)

Features Highlight Reel

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Science You'll Appreciate (and so will your business)

Okay, so imagine your business card, your social media, and your website were all combined through some insane nuclear fission experiment. What you'd end-up with is a KnoMe Spotlite (and yes it even glows). Seriously though, a Spotlite is essentially your own personal mobile app without the hefty cost. It's an experience unlike anything you've seen and somewhere Science is beaming down on this with ultimate glee.

  • Spotlites are all about you. Your identity, your way.
  • Custom-branded with you and/or your business and usable like an old-fashioned paper business card
  • Choose from dozens of colors and styles, or create your own
  • Provides a 360° view of exactly what sells you best
  • Integrates with your social media, sms, and email
  • Built for sharing and driving your identity viral
  • Easy to manage on-the-go with real-time updates
  • Completely trackable... who saw it, where, and when
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The Spotlight's On You (just remember to breathe)

Don't you worry, there's no need for that dreaded stage fright to set in. Though the spotlight is on ya don't mean you gotta say a peep. The digital masterpiece that is your Spotlite does all the talking for you. Tell your story, your way. No noise. No clutter. No pesky 140 character limits. Spoon-feed your prospects what needs to be told.

  • People do business with people, not products or services
  • Let your fascination-factors shine... loud and proud
  • Control the message precisely how you want it presented
  • Works for any person, any industry, any time
  • Personal brand-building done the easy way
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Fits Like a Custom-Tailored Suit (or dress)

Spotlites are perfectly trimmed, cuffed, and seamed to fit like a glove. And they also have that elastic waistband that stretches with that oversized lunch you ate. No matter what you do (personally or professionally), or what industry you service, Spotlite's custom screens can be molded to remove pretty much any pain from your business.

  • Showcase your products or services
  • Zone-in on information that yields action
  • Boast a little by sharing client success stories
  • Tie-in to onboarding, enrollment, and shopping
  • Present menus, promotions, or pricing details
  • Organize videos and media you need prospects to traverse
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Actionable Analytics (you should give a darn about)

Some people really get into numbers and data, but the rest of us normal people often steer clear (when we can). The reports, metrics, and numbers you see through the KnoMe platform have been crafted to avoid any allergic reactions to the number-fearing among us.

  • Create successful habits through tracking daily/monthly/yearly stats
  • Evaluate your consistency across activities that count
  • Keep it simple, or drill-down in for some nitty gritty details
  • Easily share your rock star stats with others via text and email
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Bipolar Bliss! (seriously)

Usually it's a bad thing when your spouse (or friend) says you're bipolar (and for good reason). In the spirit of full disclosure, your Spotlite has been clinically diagnosed as bipolar. Sorry, not sorry! Sometimes it's a mobile app, other times its a web page... or is it both (breakout the quantum physics books)? It is both... at the same time... in the same dimension... just on different devices.

  • Input-once — update everywhere — for everyone (very utopian)
  • Serves as both a mobile business card and your website
  • On mobile devices, it looks and behaves like an 'app'
  • On desktops and tablets, it looks and behaves like a website
  • Every change is published in real-time across the universe
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Shout! Shout! Let it all out! (the KnoMe way)

Aside from obscure 80's music references, your Spotlite (and backend platform) handles a lot of effective yelling. With the unique KnoMe Shout! features, you have complete control of Shouts that actually get heard (or more precisely, read). KnoMe Shout! is a mobile-based communications network integrated directly into your Spotlite. Pretty cool.

  • Keeps you connected to your clients and customers through outbound messaging
  • Individual and group blasting using the uber-effective text messaging medium
  • Additionally, collect information (surveys, polls, signups) via mobile
  • Always be heard, always in compliance
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Business Barista (sorry, no frappuccinos)

Before you place your order, this barista doesn't offer any foo-foo vanilla frappuccinos. What this barista does offer are three pretty tasty options to feed your business. Start out free, or jump right in at the Business level. Your choice. Oh, and just an insider's tip... try a dash of Stevia in whatever you choose. Much healthier and actually quite yummy.

  • Personal Spotlites are free and have some limitations (of course)
  • Sales Spotlites are great for small and medium size ventures
  • Business Spotlites are the whole kit-n-kaboodle
  • Start free and upgrade whenever you fancy
  • Advanced features also available in cafeteria-style

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