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    • Are KnoMe Spotlites really free?

      You know what? The personal Spotlite actually is! And as far as 'free' goes, the Personal Spotlite packs a nice punch! We'd encourage you to give a Personal Spotlite a test drive and then decide if you're wanting some of the power features that come with our Sales and Business Spotlite levels.

    • What devices will KnoMe Spotlites work on?

      Spotlites are created to work in any modern browser. The platform detects whether the user is on a mobile device or a desktop computer and renders the display of your Spotlite accordingly. The Spotlite Design Studio is also mobile-optimized to allow you to create and manage your Spotlite on-the-go.

    • What businesses does KnoMe work best for?

      Any business will find tremendous value in the platform. Brick and mortar businesses, online professionals, consultants, boutiques, agents, and pretty much any business that involves people (and communications) will benefit from the tools and features of the platform.

    • What's the road ahead look like for KnoMe Spotlite?

      Our technology roadmap is straight and narrow. We have established a robust foundation in our platform and don't believe in fixing what ain't broke. Sure, we'll be introducing new features from time to time, but where you'll see the most growth is in the content, themes, and other personalization options.