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Personal Spotlite

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Get your own free mobile Spotlite. Showcase yourself and what you do in the world. Some people may see it as a virtual business card, but once you step intp the spotlite you know it's so much more.

Virtual business cards are not tied into a community. Virtual business cards are nothing more than a small mobile website. Spotlite changes the game. Make changes on the fly and they're sent to the cloud so that anyone who has your Spotlite, gets the freshest information. Yes, all in real-time!

All This & More
Your Own Personal App
Spotlites Always Make The Impression
Tell Your Story
Try Doing That With a Normal Business Card
Make It Yours
Fully Customizable Themes & Skins
Contact Connection Integration
Easily Modify & Share Your Spotlite

Personal Spotlite

Personal Spotlite

Available Soon
  • Muliple themes & skins to choose from
  • Personalize with your own photos & media
  • Insta-Tap contact options
  • Featured Bio multimedia screen
  • Analytics to track basic engagement

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The KnoMe Foundation

Unlike other virtual business cards or social media, KnoMe is laser-focused on showcasing the uniqueness you possses and making it so that uniqueness gets across to anyone who sees your Spotlite. Then... your Spotlite empowers viewers to easily store and share your Spotlite with other people in search of someone... just like you!