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Come to the rescue of small & medium businesses by becoming a KnoMe Brand Hero


Some brands call them 'evangelists'; others, 'ambassadors'. We here at KnoMe know what you really are... HEROES. If you're one to leap buildings in a single bound and have a compassion for helping businesses thrive, we want to talk.

KnoMe Is Already In You (let's go kick some butt)

KnoMe's primary mission is to connect (y)our world, and we've been doing it since 2005. Sure, social media and search are already hard at work on that same mission, but unfortunately they're falling a tad-bit short (and getting super-noisy and crowded too) specifically for businesses. You know it. They know it. So let's change the game. Our KnoMe Heroes program is seeking motivated and compassionate people (like you) to connect businesses to the power of KnoMe. Notice we didn't say you had to be a 'Sales Superstar'? Nope! As a tech company with tons of street smarts, we've created a truly innovative Viral Inducing Mechanism (VIM) that empowers anyone with some gumption and a good heart to make a huge difference (oh, and a tablet helps too). Plus, earn some scratch.

KnoMe Heroes:

  • Must be motivated and have a heart for helping businesses thrive
  • Utilize innovative tech tools to expose KnoMe and connect with new business
  • Earn handsome overrides on new business as well as passive-perpetual income
  • Don't need superstar sales abilities
I Heed The Call

Ready To Put Your Cape On?

We'd love to chat with you more about the KnoMe Heroes program. If the small bit of information we've given has whet your appetite for more... please complete the form below and we'll be notified immediately of your desire. One of our secret agents ;) will contact you with further instructions. Your mission (should you choose to accept it) will be to help us change the way business engage and communicate. The rest will be history.

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It's Not A Question of Can, But A Question of Will

WILL YOU BECOME A HERO WITH US? We'd love to join forces with like-hearted people to share in the magic of KnoMe. Do your homework. Check our tech and vision out. Fill-in the form above and await further instructions. This message will self-destruct in 3...2...1...