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"You say you want a revolution..."

"... well you know, we all want to change the world" buzzed the airwaves in the 60's as the Beatles sang about revolution. Decades later a team of business-minded rebels in their own right have launched a revolution in the space of communications and relationship-building. KnoMe is a company built atop the mission of bridging the gaps and chasms seen in the business world, social media, and quality relationships both personally and professionally. The KnoMe ecosystem is the brainchild of this revolutionary endeavor.


Just like most riveting start-up stories, ours began within the confines of a humble garage where an idea was born to help shape and shift the way small businesses could and would succeed by harnessing technology. That idea (like most good ones) attracted the right talent and passion to bring it to life... and is now helping change the (business) world, one contact at a time.

4.77 Billion

The number of mobile phone users worldwide has reached nearly 5 Billion in 2017. With this many connected users (and most on "smart" phones), KnoMe has positioned itself to capitalize on this hungry and captive audience. Our flagship offering is the KnoMe Spotlite that transforms how people connect. Harnessing the very best in web and mobile technologies, the KnoMe ecosystem has fostered tremendous interest from many verticals.


1 team... 1 dream... 1 vision... 1 focus... (and we could go on). Singularity is at the heart of our corporate philosophy. Our laser-focus has our energies condensing towards a hyper-dense mission to change the business landscape through better communications. We hope you'll find our company's offerings to be helpful in your own endeavors and that you'll join our community of users who share our philosophy.


Rob Pickering

Founder and Visionary

Joey Edge

Chief Strategy Officer

Tony Potter

Executive Vice President

Kathy Jodrey

Director of Customer Satisfaction